Our history

Our estate was started in 1989 when Fabio Coser and his wife Daniela decided to buy a property of about 22 acres of which 10, already planted to vines in the heart of the Collio Goriziano, in the township of Cormons. This zone, which ranges from 400 to 600 feet, a.s.l., lies at the boundary with a natural oasis called Plessiva. This is a natural park protected by the Friuli Region and as such provides safe haven and an ideal habitat for our local flora and fauna in which to flourish. The name of our estate comes from the way we planted our vineyard using terracing (ronchi) to expose our plants and our grapes to the maximum amount of sunlight, and to a local peculiarity namely the bands of badgers (tassi) that visit our property without fail at the time of harvest enjoying our sweetest and most succulent grapes.

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Vigna del Lauro


di Coser Fabio & C.

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